Mimicking those big podcasters you follow… without actually knowing the strategy behind what they’re doing (if they even have an intentional profitable strategy)

Starting your podcast is one thing…making it profitable is another. If you’re like most podcasters I talk to, you’ve probably been…

You want a profitable podcast that ACTUALLY creates sales…but you have no idea how to make it happen.

Spending all of your time trying to just get your podcast off the ground… and you’re stuck in perpetual learning mode 
Churning out episodes to grow your audience… but aren’t even thinking about how the podcast actually grows or supports you in your business 

If you’re feeling…

Resentful of the spaces you’re creating in - you’re constantly churning out content, but don’t feel like people are binging it, being inspired by it, or taking action from it.

Disappointed - you are putting a TON of effort into your content, but you aren’t seeing the results that you’re dying to see.

Confused - why is the advice you’re seeing from all these big + popular creators not working for you? Are you the problem? (Spoiler alert: absolutely not!)

Burned out - your work is taking over your life because you’re constantly creating one-off content that doesn’t connect to your bigger business picture or result in new sales. 

Perpetually behind - like you’re stuck in a constant game of catch-up with an endless to-do list.

Less-than - you think you’re not enough on your own, so you’re constantly creating MORE content with no strategy just because you think you have to…even though it doesn’t actually make you feel better.

Afraid to strategize - you’re afraid of “wasting time” on forming a strategy that may not work…but is what you’re doing now working? How much time have you ALREADY wasted dithering in doubt?

Aimless - you created this podcast, and you KNOW it has value, but you don’t know how to strategize, so you’re constantly throwing spaghetti at the wall…and nothing’s sticking.

Invisible - you’re creating so much, but no one is engaging, making you feel like you’re shouting into the void…or maybe you’re even beginning to believe your content doesn’t have the value you thought. 

Guess what...

when working with an editor, manager, or va,
 you have to bring the marketing + Business strategy.

 You’re not alone–and it’s not your fault.
These feelings aren’t a sign of failure on your part. They’re cropping up because you are missing the CRUCIAL piece of having a podcast that actually gets you the results you’re looking for…and no one ever took the time to tell you what it was.

That’s all about to change, because I’m here to hand you that missing piece.

Here’s the truth…

The bottom line is: most podcasters aren’t creating a podcast that is the most profitable arm of their marketing strategy. 

And that’s because you’ve been trying to piece together your podcast through Google searches and #inspiration from other entrepreneurs. 

But here’s the truth: no matter where you are in your podcasting journey — whether you’re just getting started or you’re an experienced podcaster trying to monetize — you need a strategy that’s made FOR you and grows WITH you. 

A strategy that takes your podcast from another thing in your content hamster wheel to a money-making machine. 

Record a single podcast episode and have your words echo throughout the Internet — because you/your team know exactly how to maximize every second you spend talking 

Double your launch numbers, get consistent new applications in from people you don’t know & have never heard of, and make selling simple, or even decrease your lead generation costs.

Know exactly how your podcast fits into your entire, holistic business strategy — so you can optimize your time and get back to living your freaking life.

Spend less time editing, promoting, and writing show notes (that actually have a purpose)... because your team has it all handled expertly for you or you simplified your workflow focusing on only things that move the needle.

Imagine what it would be like to…

It’s totally possible, my friend. We’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you take their podcasts from an idea in their heads or just another thing on their to-do list to a money-making machine. 


By helping them scrap their struggling or non-existent podcast strategy and instead implement a plan for their podcast that supports their big business goals.

And now, we want to help you do the same thing! 

If you truly want to grow a profitable podcast, all you really need is…


It’s an intimidating word, right? But never fear–in the Profitable Podcast Membership, we’re not stopping until you can strategize effectively in your sleep.

Strategy is THE biggest piece of growing a profitable podcast. Without it, you’re never going to achieve the results you so deeply desire to see. 


There’s a time and place for throwing spaghetti at the wall, but now is not the time, and your profitable podcast is not the place.

With this membership, we’re going to explain why it is utterly crucial to get INTENTIONAL about how and where you’re showing up on various platforms within your marketing strategy.


One reason you’re not seeing the conversions you want? You’re probably speaking to TOO MANY PEOPLE or TEACHING TOO MUCH.

Here at Profitable Podcast Productions, one of the biggest pieces of advice we impart to our clients is the importance of speaking to ONE rather than ALL–because trying to appeal to everyone is actually hurting your sales.

And you can find ALL THREE in Profitable Podcast School 

(Pssst: and our strategies don’t include teaching more or “giving away your best stuff for free”)

The Dreamer's Lounge Podcast

- Ariel Schiffer

When I came to Tara, I really wanted to set up my podcast in a really strategic way. Podcasting is always something I wanted to do, but I wanted to make sure that I was doing it the right way and having the best approach for me. It was a no-brainer to get her brain on my ideas. 

The entire experience was flawless and we got so much done. I can’t say enough good stuff about Tara. She knows her stuff and she’s the absolute go-to when it comes to podcast production, strategy, and everything behind it. It’s so evident that she wants every single person she works with to have an experience catered to them.

"Your podcast will be such an integral part of your business when you do it with Profitable Podcast Co."

Real Results


Growing your podcast into a profitable asset for your business is NOT impossible–whether you’re still figuring out where the mic actually plugs into your computer or you’ve been podcasting so long you could publish an episode in your SLEEP.

And odds are, there’s only ONE thing keeping you from seeing the results you want…

I’ve found that the number one thing that prevents entrepreneurs from taking their podcast to the next level (ya know, the one where people not only listen and engage with it… but buy from it) is lack of strategy and dependence on guest interviews so you can “grow your audience”. 

If you’re skipping over strategically planning your podcast and just cranking out episodes when you feel like it, you’re doing your business a huge disservice. 

That’s why inside Profitable Podcast School, we’re sharing how you can transform your approach to podcast planning and promotion from haphazard and hectic to holistic and high-converting.

Introducing Profitable Podcast School


Learn how to use your podcast as a part of your launch so you can take your promos to the next level 

Bring more people into your business by meeting them where they’re at and guiding them to where you want them to go 

Learn how to use guest interviews the RIGHT way to ease the minds of your ideal clients, and create strategic, intentional evergreen affiliate marketing assets that don’t leave your listeners confused, overwhelmed, or in “I have too much I need to do” paralysis.

Use your podcast to drive more people into your funnels, so you can grow your list, warm up your audience, and make sales in your sleep…or while you are making dinner, or while you are lounging by the pool, or anywhere your heart desires. Ahh, that is the freedom you started your business looking for.  

Create episode content that removes objections to your offer before you ever even launch, so buying is a complete no-brainer 

Hire a rockstar team to support your growing podcast (which is starting to make bank!)

Lock in your repurposing strategy so that every single podcast episode you record has the potential to be continuously mined for content that shares the heart of your message AND attract in new dreamy clients for you

Learn how to leverage your short-form social media platforms to bring people to the best place to connect with them and convert… aka your podcast!

Launch new offers with the support of your podcast to gain the most momentum possible

Implement podcasting in other innovative ways inside of your business to make your impact greater. Like a lot more ways. And a LOT more impact. 

Profitable Podcast School

If you haven’t launched your podcast yet and are worried this membership won’t be useful for you, think again! This course is included with every membership so that no matter what your current podcast or technical abilities are, you’re prepared to start a podcast from scratch in an easy, intentional, and strategic way. With this course, you will receive a step-by-step guide through learning how to…

The 14-Day Launch Course

  • Determine your profitable podcast topic 
  • Set up your podcasting tech 
  • Create your effortless podcasting process, so you can easily create episodes and promote them every single time 
  • Get your podcast approved on platforms like Apple, Google, and Stitcher
  • Create your launch and promotion strategy 
  • Finally launch your profitable podcast

SEO Strategy for Your Podcast with Lauren Taylar 

If you want to build a business that isn't 100% reliant on social media and actively engages you with customers looking for the solutions you offer (AKA READY TO BUY) then leveraging SEO is invaluable. 

We hired SEO Expert + Website Designer Lauren Taylar to teach you everything you need to know about leveraging SEO in your podcast to be found by dream clients.

In this bonus course you can go from "what is SEO" to ranking pro all by utilizing a podcast asset that is normally overlooked - your shownotes!

Energetics in business are EVERYTHING! And having a profitable podcast starts with the mindset + belief that it is a foundational part of your business's ecosystem.

Which is why we hired a Master NLP Practitioner to write a hypnotic meditation just for you! Plus in and breathe deep prior to recording episodes, brainstorming content, or even before knocking out all of your weekly podcast tasks. 

We believe in you - now let's get your subconscious mind on board too!

The Profitable Podcast Hypnotic Meditation 

Personal Podcast Audit 

When you pay in full you will also get a customized podcast audit directly from the Tara + The Profitable Podcast Team. 

When we work with clients this is a must to kick off our partnership, identify opportunities for growth, and is the start of creating your profitable podcast plan. 

Utilize this for your current show or prior/right after launching your brand new podcast! We will conduct our audit and send you a loom & breakdown of exactly what we found with suggestions to improve how your show works for your business! 


& so much more!

Think again...

Think a podcast can’t be profitable? 

Let’s be clear: your podcast can be profitable.

You can draw your audience in and finally get yourself HEARD.

You can create content intentionally and free yourself from only experiencing life through your phone screen.

You can hop off the content hamster wheel, reclaim your peace of mind, and successfully + strategically make sales without having to SCREAM over the chaos of social media.

just an idea or you’ve been running it for years now without much to show for it, the right strategies can help you leverage the power of podcasting to…


Whether your show is...

Generate leads + speed up sales

Transform your podcast from a CHORE to something you ADORE

Put an end to spinning out on the content creation wheel

Stop aimlessly pouring all your time into copy + paste “strategies” that go nowhere

Let us show you how.

When you join Profitable Podcast School for just $697 you’ll get immediate access to:


Access to all current, future, and upgraded content forever!

Bonus masterclasses including a complete course on SEO so you can make the most out of your podcast and turn it into a real business-building tool 

Workbooks, templates, swipe copy and graphics that you can literally plug into your business and use to map out your podcast, promote, hire, etc! 

Members-only Facebook community where you can feedback on your podcast, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, ask questions, and get support in those moments when you feel stuck 

Targeted lessons and strategies to support you in different phases of growth and develop in your business

A strategic launch plan that gives you a clear path from idea to launch and how you can pull it off in just 14 days

— Kelly Dunlap

"she probably would have never found me without my podcast"

I had a discovery call with a lady who is in my Facebook Group. We hopped on a Zoom call and I asked her how she heard about me. She said, "I found you on my Podcast app and it is my FAVORITE!" She signed up for my program! 

She probably never would have heard about me and my program if I didn't have a podcast! I just wanted to say thank you! 

— Kela Robinson smith

Idea to launch in 8 days!

"Thank you so much Tara Counterman! I found you on Pinterest and took your course and my podcast, The Hormone P.U.Z.Z.L.E Puzzle podcast is launching Sept 1 and we already got approval from Itunes. This course was exactly what I was looking for to help me go from "I want to do a podcast" to launch in about 8 days. Thank you so much!"

— Helen
content planning beta tester

Confidence + COntrol 

I feel a lot more in control of my message, my topics and feel confident it all contributes to the bigger picture of my business

Simple + Effective strategic shifts!

“OMG Tara…I just booked a business breakthrough call from my ONE podcast commercial. Ya-know the one you told me to do?!?! Legit shook. I recorded the commercial, charged $297 & Boom. I have NEVER met this person. But i’m exicted to try this out.” 

  • Learn how to strategize your podcast content effectively

  • Leave chronic overwhelm in the DUST

  • See the sales start ROLLING in with your new aligned strategy 

  • Intentionally craft your messaging to transform your audience from passive consumers to clients LEAPING off the edge of their seats to work with you

  • Receive all the knowledge you need to make your podcast profitable, whether you’re brand-new to podcasting or if you’ve been doing this for YEARS with no real results

  • Finally stop living life with your eyes glued to your phone screen (Seriously, it’s not good for you. Glasses/contacts are expensive.)

  • Cut your content-creation time WAY down by learning how to create + repurpose effectively

  • Amplify your voice so people can receive the value you KNOW your message has

  • And so, so, sooooo much more!

With Profitable Podcast School, you will:


Count me in!

Pay in full

6 Payments

One payment of $697 


✔ Core Profitable Podcast Curriculum  ($2,000 value)
✔ Templates + Swipe Copy + /Optimized Workflows Galore ($1,000 value)
✔ 14-Day Launch Your Podcast course ($297 value)
✔ Pay-In-Full BONUS: Custom Podcast Audit ($500 value)
✔ BONUS: SEO Course ($697 value)
✔ BONUS: Profitable Podcast Meditation ($50 value)

Join today for just $697 and receive…


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6 Payments

(Personal Audit Bonus)


✔ Membership Curriculum Main Course ($2,000 value)

✔ Templates + Swipe Copy + Optimized Workflows Galore ($1,000 value)

✔ 14-Day Launch Your Podcast course ($297 value)

✔ PIF BONUS: Custom Podcast Audit ($500 value)

✔ BONUS: SEO Course ($697 value)

✔ BONUS: Profitable Podcast Meditation ($50 value)

Join today for just $697


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— Chantelle Andercastle,
The Aligned Action Podcast

“It makes so much more sense now!”

“I knew that I wanted my podcast to generate leads, but I didn't realize how to do it. I had been alternating topics in my episodes because I didn't want to bore my audience, but you showed me that that was the exact wrong approach.

I finally understand how to link the content of my episodes to what I'm selling.”

Hi. I’m Tara Counterman, creator of the Profitable Podcast School and CEO of the Profitable Podcast Company.

I believe your podcast is more than a platform: it’s an intimate way to connect with your community and make effortless, aligned sales in your business.

Podcasting is the center of everything we do here at the Profitable Podcast Company–not only in terms of how we serve our clients, but also in terms of how we promote, run, and streamline our own business.

Who am I, and why do I know so much about profitable podcasting?

Generate leads through easily repurposable content (so I can sit down, record, and get back to spending time with my family)

Get found on Google by people searching for what we offer by repurposing our content and leveraging the power of SEO

Close sales on our high-ticket services with an automated sales process that doesn’t involve a single sales call

Sell out our launches with strategic, intentional content that attracts and converts perfect-fit clients

Build community through an intimate form of content that doesn’t force me to spend hours each day on social media - I prefer to spend the most time working with my paying clients & have a simple system for bringing in new ones

Deliver a stellar client experience with easy-to-digest content that answers our clients’ & students’ questions whenever, wherever

In fact, we use podcasts to…

There are SO many ways to leverage podcasting, and my team and I are constantly testing and exploring new strategies… and we’re beyond excited to share them with you with this membership. 

Unlike a lot–and I mean a LOOOT–of other podcasting courses, I didn't just launch, our own podcast, decide that made us experts, and then create a course on podcasting. We have been doing this for 6 & 7-figure clients for years–in fact, we were pioneers in leveraging podcasts for business owners in a way that was highly strategic, intentional, and didn’t focus on just building brand awareness. 

Our clients range from podcasters who have millions of downloads to those with "just" a few thousand–but thanks to the strategies we help them implement, the numbers don’t matter. Because the strategies taught inside the membership don’t rely on them.

Whether your voice is reaching millions of ears or you have a small but dedicated listener base, we help all podcasters leverage their podcast as a successful conversion platform.

And now, we’re here to help YOU achieve this, too.

And I truly believe that’s just the beginning.

sign me up!

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Absolutely! Profitable Podcast School includes a 14-Day Podcast Launch Course that takes you step-by-step through the process of getting your podcast launched and live!

Yes! In fact, it’s more important for you to get this training immediately because you don’t have a team yet. You're busy being the #CEOMGwhydoIhavetodoeverythingmyself… you don’t have time to waste time on ineffective podcasting strategies (or trying to piece it together yourself). 

Inside the membership, we’re teaching you how to implement a profitable podcast strategy in less time and with less work, so that you can focus on other areas of your biz. #winning! 

Because of the downloadable nature of this program and resources and IP there are no refunds available.

While calls are not apart of this program Tara occasionally offers them as additional support. If you can't attend a bonus coaching call live there will always be a replay sent out & an opportunity to submit questions ahead of time. 

No way! You don’t have to touch any work you’ve previously done… unless you want to :) 

Entrepreneurship is a journey where we build off the work we’ve done in the past. The last thing I’m here to do is create more work for you. You already have a foundation — now it’s time to take it to a new level with the content you create from here on out. 

You’ve got a BRILLIANT idea for a podcast, and no matter what you do, it just keeps itching at the back of your brain, waiting to be recorded…

The problem is, you have NO idea where to start.

What should you say in the first episode?
What tech do you need? H
ow do you get it onto Apple Podcasts, anyway?
 Is it worth adding another task to your already overloaded to-do list?
Is your following even big enough for a podcast to be successful?

Inspiration, doubt spiral, ignore the itch, repeat.

It’s time to end the cycle. No matter what your brain tells you, the world DOES need to hear your voice…and we can help you get it out there!

The potential Podcaster

Not only are you running this business all on your own–you’re also running everything else in your life. But mostly, it just feels like you’re running BEHIND.

The dishes haven’t been done all week. You’re down to your last clean (i.e. not spit up on, used as a tissue, coffee-stained, or smeared with unspeakable things…YET) shirt. One kid is missing a shoe. Another is begging to watch videos on your phone. The toddler is trying to eat out of the dog’s dish. The dog is trying to eat off the table. You were supposed to be out the door ten minutes ago…

And now you’re supposed to sit down and commit to a consistent podcasting strategy? Get real, right?

Listen to me… I have BEEN THERE. Heck, I AM THERE. On top of running two businesses, I’m raising (and homeschooling!) two little girls, chasing my big ol dog around, and producing my own podcast. The value of time? I deeply understand it. 

The Burnt-out business owner

I know that feeling following you around every day…through every task you do for a client, through every moment you spend trying to grow your business instead of being with your family, through every moment you spend with your family instead of growing your business…

You’re trying to give 100% of yourself to 100% of the things, and it’s just not happening. You feel like you’re giving every ounce of yourself to everyone and everything around you, and somehow, it’s just never enough. You have nothing left to give, but you feel that if you take your own foot off the gas and let someone else take something off your plate, the whole thing is going to fall apart.

I know the idea of adding even ONE MORE THING feels impossible. Maybe you have a podcast but don’t think you have the time for the strategic approach, or you simply don’t think you have the capacity to commit to creating one…

But the truth is, a profitable podcast can actually help ease some of the burdens you are being buried under.. Give me some of that weight, and I can show you exactly how to carry it.

Whether you have a team at your back ready to jump in and help you amplify your reach or you’re holding the mic one-handed, you’re a coach that KNOWS a podcast can be a part of your profitable marketing strategy. 

When you started out you dreamed of hitting the top charts, thought advertisers would come knocking, and the brand deals would be endless. You’ve created an entirely new thing to your to list and you aren’t even 100% sure how it is impacting your business. You maybeeeee realized you don't just want a podcast that feels good for your ego millions of downloads, brand deals are cool and all, but this isn’t a popularity contest for you. You have a purpose-driven mission, and while you DO want to reach as many people as possible, it’s out of a deep desire to impact people in a positive way. You know that impact starts with one, and if you could just use this platform to connect with the next ONE person, over and over and over again, every goal on your vision board would be smashed!

Regardless of your download numbers, you know that you can make this a profitable part of your business strategy…but you are way too close to see the best way to do it. You value investing in a strategy and subject matter experts because we all thrive when we stay in our lane. 

You have the drive and the passion to show up consistently on ANY platform, but you’re sick of playing the influencer game on Instagram and TikTok. And…are your dream high-ticket clients even there? I mean, they are definitely creating, but they are protective AF of their own personal boundaries and don’t fall victim to the time-taking scroll-hole. 

You’re sick of giving away your best content for free trying to draw people in–you’re teaching and teaching and teaching, trying to show the value of being in one of your containers, but the conversions just aren’t happening. “They” say to give away all of your best stuff for free, but… isn’t there a saying about that? Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

You don’t want to be an influencer. You want to effectively market your business, then get back to enjoying your freedom and serving the dream clients you were meant for. 

Guess what?
I have just the thing for you.

Um, I feel seen. LET’S DO IT.

The Mentor on a Mission

I see you doing everything — and I mean everything — to stand out. You’re writing emails and creating epic Instagram captions and recording Reels and starting a YouTube channel and hanging out in your DMs and ALL. THE. THINGS. 

But nothing seems to be working. 

Here’s the truth: 

Audio is more powerful than ANY other method of connecting with your ideal audience. Did you know…

The average consumer listens to a podcast for 26+ minutes per episode, compared to just 4-6 minutes reading a blog post or 4-5 minutes watching a YouTube video.

63% of podcast listeners have bought something after hearing it promoted on a show.

About 45% of podcast listeners have an annual income of $75,000 and are listening to podcasts about 7 times per week.

Which means podcasting is the most effective way to create real relationships with your audience, grow your community, and increase your income and impact. 

You have too much life to live, my friend.  

I know you have something amazing to share with the world.

Don’t let overwhelm and confusion keep you playing small. I’m here to help you through the entire podcast journey, every single step of the way. 

The resources, training, and coaching inside this membership have helped countless entrepreneurs like you create profitable podcasts that have grown their businesses. 

Why not you? 

It’s time to put your doubt and fear on the backburner, friend. Your audience needs you. The world needs you.

I believe in you. Now it’s time for you to believe in yourself.

Simply choose the membership option that works best for you to join us inside The Profitable Podcast Membership, and let’s get your voice heard today.

You have a big vision, and you want to connect and create relationships with more people. 

Pay in full

6 Payments

One payment of $697 
(Personalized Audit Bonus)


✔ Core Profitable Podcast Curriculum  ($2,000 value)
✔ Templates + Swipe Copy + /Optimized Workflows Galore ($1,000 value)
✔ 14-Day Launch Your Podcast course ($297 value)
✔ Pay-In-Full BONUS: Custom Podcast Audit ($500 value)
✔ BONUS: SEO Course ($697 value)
✔ BONUS: Profitable Podcast Meditation ($50 value)

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