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Ready to launch a podcast that's loved by your audience and your

We’ll help you create a podcast that plays an intentional role in your business strategy — because a podcast that doesn’t make you money is just a hobby.

The average consumer listens to a podcast for 26+ minutes per episode, compared to just 4-6 minutes reading a blog post or 4-5 minutes watching a YouTube video

63% of podcast listeners have bought something after hearing it promoted on a show

About 45% of podcast listeners have an annual income of $75,000 and are listening to podcasts about 7 times per week



But hold up...

You don’t need any fancy statistics to convince you to launch a podcast. 

If you’re here, you’re already convinced that your future podcast is going to help you grow your                                                                   like nothing else.

The only question now is, why choose Profitable Podcast Co to help you make it happen?

reach, impact, and revenue

But hold up...

You don’t need any fancy statistics to convince you to launch a podcast. 

If you’re here, you’re already convinced that your future podcast is going to help you grow your                                                      like nothing else.

The only question now is, why choose Profitable Podcast Co to help you make it happen?

reach, impact, and revenue

The Profitable Podcast Company  Difference

Podcast profitability is the starting point — not an afterthought. We’ll work with you to get crystal clear on your current sales goals and strategically plan your first few episodes to support them, so you can see a return on your podcast right away.

We make sure your podcast is monetized from day one

We’re committed to making sure your podcast launch feels like a champagne-worthy celebration for you and your listeners, with launch content that builds hype and gets your audience excited to binge your first episodes the moment they drop.

We use outside-the-box strategies to build launch excitement

We want you to feel 100% involved in the launch of your podcast— because, at the end of the day, it’s your vision. We’re here to support you and take care of all the moving pieces while still making you feel like your podcast is a true extension of you and your brand.

We help CEOs stay involved while also staying in their zone of genius

“Hiring CEO PWR has been the single best business decision I’ve made in such a long time.”

Working with them on my launch was incredible. I told them my vision and they took it, ran with it, and brought it to life. They birthed my podcast, literally. It’s like having a baby but not having to push! They’ve helped me grow a loyal following of people who eventually become buyers. They’re the best — don’t launch your podcast without them

- Jennifer Gitomer, The Breakthrough Babe Podcast

Meet Your

Support Team

The hustle and grind of being a business owner is sooo 2019. It’s time to leverage the power of content that converts and holds an intentional place within the bigger picture for your business — and that’s where we come in.

The Profitable Podcast Company Team is known for creating truly profitable podcasts. 

We’re here to make sure that your new show plays a key role in your bigger business strategy from day one, so you always know that those hours behind the microphone are having a direct impact on your bottom line.

We are here to be your full creative partners, helping you create an intentional and innovative content strategy that ensures your podcast is profitable, impactful, and fully customized to your business goals.

We are honored to have such a talented team behind you to help you bring your content to life — from graphic designers to content writers, audio engineers to your personal account manager, we can’t wait to support you and bring your profitable podcast to life!

The Profitable Podcast
Launch Package

We’ll kick things off with a VIP Intensive, where we’ll co-create a podcast strategy that prioritizes connection and monetization. 

We’ll walk you through our proven strategies and discover the best path to maximizing your launch and ensuring your podcast becomes a profitable part of your business from that very first episode.

(Curious what those proven launch strategies are? That’s our little secret. Fill out your application and book a call to find out more.)


Strategy First

Every aspect of this done-for-you package has been carefully thought-out to make sure you’re launching your podcast in a way that’ll set you up for long-term success.

From building audience hype to delivering a five-star-review-worthy listening experience, we leave no detail untouched. 


Wave those annoying admin-y tasks and tech headaches goodbye, friend, because we’ve got you covered. Your launch package includes 6 professionally edited episodes, with 3-4 dropping on launch day and the remaining episodes ready-to-go for future weeks.




6 professionally-edited episodes
Strategic ad creation (so you can monetize your podcast right away)
Intro & outro scripting and editing (including music sourcing)
Host and tech set-up
Platform approvals (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.)

We’ll guide you (or your design team) through creating a dedicated podcast landing page on your website, so you can drive more traffic to your offers, deliver a better listener journey, and reap the benefits of SEO on autopilot.

(Want us to design your landing page and show notes “post” template for you? Ask about our optional website design upgrade.)



Delivering a great first impression with your podcast goes way beyond your audio and content. From cover art to engaging show notes (that double as SEO-friendly blog posts), our team has mastered the art and the algorithm-driven science that goes into creating an incredible podcast listening experience.




Podcast description
Custom-designed podcast logo and cover
Custom social media design templates
SEO-focused show notes for all 6 launch episodes

We want to turn your podcast launch into a full-blown, confetti-worthy celebration — because creating an amazing podcast is only profitable if it gets seen and heard by the right people. From pre-launch hype to post-launch promotions, our team will handle it all.




Launch trailer video
Pre-launch promo graphics (generally 2 in-feed + 2 stories posts)
Launch week promo graphics (generally 3 in-feed + 2 stories posts)
Social media post copy and hashtags
Post scheduling

Meet Katie, who was landing new clients within a week of launching
her podcast

The Client:

The Podcast:

The Offer:

Katie Ferro, CPA & CEO of Orderly Accounting by Katie

Profits and Prosecco: The Podcast

Podcast Launch & Management

Before working with us on her podcast launch, Katie had created an incredible program, Booked out Bookkeeper™ (BOB™), that she was ready to scale. She knew a podcast would be the best way to share her program with the masses, but was intimidated by the tech and the daunting to-do list of doing it all on her own.

The big idea

Tara’s team has been the best hire in my business. I use my podcast like Frank’s red hot... I use that shit for everything. It nurtures and converts my lurking audience, it attracts new people to me, it handles my sales efforts, and combats objections...

If you have a business and a message and you want to literally speak and have it accessible in the simplest form - you need a podcast. If you want it done well, you need Tara and her team.

In her words:

Not only did we work with Katie to create and launch the podcast of her dreams, but we also helped her uplevel her branding and completely overhaul her strategic social media presence.

The project

As a result of her podcast launch, not only did her Instagram following and engagement go up but she also had her biggest month in sales — without launching or taking a single sales call!

Within a week of her launch, she was receiving applications for her BOB™ program directly from her podcast. No DMs, no sales calls. Just the powerful host-audience connection that comes from a strategically-planned-out podcast.

The results


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The Investment

Flexible payment plans available

How it Works


Use the button below to apply to work with us.



We’ll review your application to make sure we truly are the best team to support you in your podcast launch and, if it seems like we’re a good fit, we’ll reach out to book a call.



We’ll chat more about your podcast vision, answer any questions you have, and ask you to pay a deposit to secure your launch date.



We’ll make some serious magic together as we get ready to launch your profitable podcast!

Please note that we offer a limited number of podcast launches each month. To inquire about availability and reserve your spot, please fill out the application form using the button below.


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You have a few options when it comes to launching your podcast…

Option 1: You DIY your podcast launch

You can spend the next few weeks months learning all there is to know about podcasting and tackling a huge number of launch to-dos. In between serving your clients and all the other hats you wear as a business owner, that is.

Option 2: You create your own podcast team

You can spend weeks searching the internet for a “cheaper” solution and building your team contractor by contractor. You end up spending precious hours not just doing things yourself, but also guiding your team through the steep + slow learning curve of podcasting.

Option 3: You hire a team of professionals

OR, you can work with an all-in-one team who has years of experience creating and managing profitable podcasts — so you can free up your time & energy to do work you love, get your message out there with less stress, and make money doing it.

Are you ready for the easier way to launch your podcast?

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Let’s make sure you get the very most out of your podcast launch

We would love to work with you to create an impactful and profitable podcast from day one. 

To inquire about availability and reserve your spot, use the button below to complete your application.

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